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La Placeneco is an OEM manufacturing and selling company of completely unheated raw placenta health foods. We provide raw placenta of completely unheated · high concentration high purity · ultrafine powder enteric granules.

We are offering it as the pioneer of manufacture of completely unheated raw placenta health foods for the first time in Japan.


Cleanse. Balance. Restore.

Our products are guaranteed to leave you feeling drenched in the beauty of nature.


The Perfect Body





 Placenta OEM






生プラセンタの有効成分であるサイトカイン(EGF・FGF・HGFなど)が豊富に含まれ  熱、酸で破壊されないように腸溶コーティング技術で腸までしっかりと届けてくれる 高濃度高純度超微粉末腸溶顆粒の生プラセンタが ラ・プラセンエコです。


特徴1   腸まで届く生プラセンタ



特徴2  国内最大"EGF の量222(pg)"の生プラセンタ

"生プラセンタエキス末"は特殊製法により生プラセンタ液量を3倍まで増量の高濃度プラセンタエキスパウダーの製造 、EGF含有量は1カプセルあたり、約55,000pglに相当します。

特徴3 完全非加熱、滅菌処理



特徴4    高純度、高濃度抽出

"生プラセンタエキス末"は、その抽出方法により濃度や成分が大きく違います。活性プラセンタは原料となる胎盤の組織液(細胞液および細胞間液)を、ドリップ式抽出法により一切水や薬品を加えず高濃度に採取。 一般的なフィルターでは工業化不可能とされる濃厚な液体です。 








Organically cultivated extra Virgin Olive Oil

The characteristics of the olive oil we produce are its thin texture and its yellow (golden) colour.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


 Extra Virgin Olive oil










It can be used for pasta, rice, fish, meat and dressingsalads.


 It can be used for salads, fish and as finishing oil.


To obtain ROMULO Organic, the olives are grown and stored without the use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers. This special care gives its distinctive flavour and aroma. It can be used for cooking fish, dressing salads, pasta and rice. 


It contains vitamins A and E. It can be used for frying, grilling, dressing salads and sauces.

Beauty From

the inside out

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 All Made in Japan


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Do you know what placenta is?

The placenta is an organ attached to the lining of your womb during pregnancy.

In other words, baby who are mammal is grown by the placenta in their mother’s body.

There are heavy on nutrients includes protein, carbohydrate and fat in the placenta.

Furthermore, there are vitamin, mineral, hormone that promotes growth and the nutrient which is naturally occurring.

The interesting about placenta is that Cleopatra who was the last active pharaoh of ancient Egypt was used to take placenta.

 In the meantime, Hollywood stars includes Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston are interested in using the placenta.

In fact, placenta has approved as the medicine for fifty years. We use the placenta as medicine for menopausal syndrome and liver problems.

Moreover, many companies are likely to commoditize the placenta in the last few years. In view of that, there are placentas that is bad quality in the market.

There is a reason the placenta doesn’t become widespread for ordinary people.

One of the reason is that the raw material of the placenta is rare, therefore the cost of the placenta ends up expensive.

On the other hand, the demand for the placenta increase, some of the company make the placenta which is bad quality.

We know the fact that there are placenta that is bad quality in the market.


The effect of placenta in terms of beauty.

The placenta make the inner skin activate and the surface create hyaluronsan and collagen. With that, the placenta provide moisture to the skin as well as achieve rejuvenation of cell throughout the entire skin. The goal for the anti-aging of skins is to become the skin of the baby.  In order to do that, placenta metabolize the cell. Then, the cell works actively in the body. In view of that, cockle, fleck, flap of skin and acne disappear in the skin of the face


  • EGF

Why does placenta have an anti-aging effects? The placenta includes epithelium cell growth factor (EGF) which is an ingredient of cosmetic. EGF is a protein which is in the human. That is power of rejuvenation of skin. However, the people gets old, the less EGF is decrease. So the placenta needs for the skin. Taking all into consideration, EGF make the skin white, moisture retention and circulation promotion.  


The effect of placenta in terms of health.

The placenta has a cytokine that is a growth factor. Since the placenta has the cytokine, baby is growing at an incredible speed in their mother.

The placenta make the cell that is damaged create new cell and then lead us to healthier life.


  • HGF

Placenta has hepatocyte growth factor which is called a HGF. This growth factor prevent the liver from the problems of liver and make an improvement.  Furthermore, HGF work extremely well for atopic skin inflammation. In the meantime, HGF is said to be good for joint pain.


  • NGF

§  Placenta has neuro growth factor which is called NGF. NGF adjust our hormone balance and prevent ladies from menopause disorder



The difference between ordinal placenta and placenta


We discuss the difference between ordinary placenta and  placenta.

Ordinal placenta

We should know the fact that the weak point of the placenta is heat. Since we take the placenta from our mouse, the placenta does not reach to the blood vessel because of heat.

6 micron placenta

Notice that our size of the blood vessel is approximately from 8 to 10 micron. In view of that, we know that the 6 micron placenta is very small. In order to make the  placenta, we consider three main technology: non heating process, enteric coating and differential technique.  placenta is made by non-heating process so that growth factor is maintained in our body. Because we have an enteric coating and a differential technique, the placenta goes to the blood vessel smoothly. Taking all into consideration, we can take the placenta from our mouth without thinking about heat.

Furthermore, placenta has no odor since we apply an ultra-cooling technology. The grain of the placenta is very small and condensed enables us to get the placenta with reasonable cost. 


The characteristics of placenta.

  • Because of the non-heat process, placenta has EGF HGF that is profound.

  • Because of the enteric coating, placenta reach our intestinum.

  • Because of the differential technique, placenta is easily absorbed in the cell.

  • Because of the ultra-cooling technology, the odor of the placenta is minimized.

  • Because of the small grain with high condensed, we get the placenta with reasonable price.

Effect of our products

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